Palo Alto Parking Updates

Published on April 22, 2021


Parking Enforcement of On-Street Parking Restrictions in Select Areas to Begin May 3, 2021

Enforcement of on-street parking restrictions in commercial and residential districts, including all RPP areas resumes May 3, 2021. Off-street public garage and lot time restrictions will continue to be temporarily suspended until state and county color tiered COVID-19 restrictions are rescinded, though any parking concerns that present an immediate hazard will still be ticketed. Resident communications included a mailed notification and through the Office of Transportation RPP newsletter followers in late March.

Parking Action Plan Development & Ways to Provide Input

Staff is seeking community input through an online survey to help inform the development of the City's Parking Action Plan. Staff is seeking feedback from a broad range of stakeholders including residents, employees, businesses and visitor. Share your parking experiences and needs by taking our Palo Alto Parking Survey. The Parking Action Plan is intended to increase parking policy awareness of current parking efforts underway and inform about changes being considered. The plan will also advance a data-driven approach to parking policy changes and incorporate customer and stakeholder experiences of parking and transportation issues into the development of the plan. For more information on this effort, please visit: Palo Alto Parking Action Plan.

Ongoing Ways to Stay Engaged on Parking Related Issues

The City offers several ways to stay informed on parking issues.

Other ways to stay informed and be engaged include:

  • Parking Office Hours: Join a monthly opportunity for the community to engage with staff, ask questions and gain important updates on parking items. Send us an email to register for Parking Office Hours.
  • Recent Community Meeting: On April 13, staff hosted a community meeting on parking to discuss upcoming enforcement changes.
  • Email List Sign-Up: Sign-up to stay up to date on other meetings and check in points.
  • Request a Focus Group Discussion: Focus group meetings and customer surveys are an important way for staff to hear about your specific parking challenges or concerns.


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