What a Wonderful World, Palo Alto May Fete is Back!

Published on April 20, 2021

After a year of turmoil due to the pandemic, we are eager to celebrate the 97th Annual May Fete Parade with a twist and a weeklong celebration May 1 through May 8! With vaccinations underway and the world opening slowly, our theme for 2021 will be “What a Wonderful World” based on the beautiful song by Louis Armstrong. We want to see what you think makes our world a beautiful place, by decorating your home, porch, door, car and/or windows. We also must not forget our furry friends, so please take photos of your pets in costume or doing their best trick for our category, Pets on Parade. Challenge your friends, families, and neighbors to get involved and keep this Palo Alto tradition alive. Register now and have decorations up by Saturday, May 1 for a weeklong celebration through May 8. 

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Looking for ideas to decorate your house? 

Well, we’ve come up with just a few to help you get started.

  1. Let’s start with the age-old tradition of the May Pole! Decorate a pole in your front yard with streamers and let the kids run off some steam around the pole enjoying the sunshine and beauty of the area. 
  2. Our co-sponsor The Palo Alto Museum would love to see something from the past show up in your decorations. How about decorate your house for the period it was built or dress up your pets and children in period costume.
  3. Share your enthusiasm, put out a sign stating when was the first May Fete Parade you attended or participated in. I bet there are some people who have been part of this tradition for years! A limited number of signs are available at the City, or you can download the artwork. 
  4. Video your furry friends and send us a photo of their costume.  We love to show our pets off!
  5. Use the lyrics of the song “What a Wonderful World” to help generate ideas. Make rainbows, clouds, show friends together. Things are opening again, share your dreams for the future.
  6. Showcase your love for returning to school with your friends. Use the mascot, T shirts, colors, and schoolbooks! 
  7. How about all those sports you’ve missed. Decorate with team colors, pitches etc. Celebrate the love of the game.
  8. Bikes with streamers, flowers and treats have always been a feature of the parade! Remember riding down University Avenue proudly showing your design?  Make it colorful and wonderful.
  9. What famous person from Palo Alto has been an inspiration to you? Historical figures like Lucie Stern, Herbert Hoover or Hewlett & Packard show our history. How about more recent celebrities like Joan Baez, Ken Kesey, Steve Jobs and Jeremy Lin. So many people in Palo Alto have changed the world with their work.  Let’s honor them and what they’ve done.
  10. As we are recovering from the yearlong lockdown, show your appreciation for our first responders by celebrating their unwavering dedication to the health and wellbeing of our community. Doctors, nurses, EMT’s, police, ambulance drivers and don’t forget all the stores that stayed open for you. They have protected you, now show how much you appreciate it. 


Now sign up for the May Fete Parade and showcase what a Wonderful World we have!  Register today and get your house on the map for celebrations.

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