March 29, 2021 Council Meeting Roll Up

Published on April 02, 2021

Weekly Council Rollup

To keep you connected and up to date on notable Council meeting discussions, we are sharing a brief weekly update. At the Council meeting on March 29, the Council continued the Castilleja School Project Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Amendment public hearing:

Summary of Castilleja Actions 3/29/21

Allow an enrollment increase starting at 450 students, and direct staff and the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) to identify a procedure to allow Castilleja to further increase enrollment up to 540 students in phases, contingent on their compliance with other conditions. Other direction included:

  • Review an underground parking facility alternative that allows a maximum of 50% of the required on-site parking to be below grade without counting against the project floor-area,

  • Explore Residential Parking Program (RPP) options and impacts,

  • Enforce parking restrictions in the area, preserve as many protected trees as is possible,

  • Evaluate the architectural plans regarding density within the residential neighborhood,

  • Analyze events at the school to determine neighborhood impact

  • Evaluate 50% of the public art expenses going to the Public Art Fund


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