March 15 Council Rollup

Published on March 18, 2021

Weekly Council Rollup

To keep you connected and up to date on notable Council meeting discussions, we are sharing a brief weekly update. At the City Council meeting on March 8, 2021:   

  • Approval of the Response to the Grand Jury Report "Why Aren't There More Female Fire Fighters in Santa Clara County". You can check out the presentation for more information on this report here

  • Castilleja School Project 1310 Bryant was discussed, Council will continue discussion and action on 3/29. The staff report with more information on what was discussed by Council can be found here

  • Postponed: City Council approves Park, Community, and Library Development Impact Fee Justification Study and approves Adjustments to Park, Community Center, and Library Development Impact Fees 

Watch past meeting recordings or live meetings on the City’s Youtube channel here: or check out meeting materials here: 



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