Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation - AAPI Heritage Event

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With 20+ years’ experience in book publishing, Sally Collings knows what makes a great book—and how to write them. Former non-fiction publisher for HarperCollins and editorial director for Amber Books, she now works as a ghostwriter and developmental editor, crafting award-winning books and bestsellers for the world’s leading publishing houses as well as for private clients.  She is most drawn to stories of personal discovery—tales of better understanding ourselves in order to better understand the world around us. Born in Australia, Sally now calls the Bay Area home.

In a one-hour Zoom session, Sally will read from one of her recent editing projects. Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation by Dr. Jenelle Kim introduces the Korean art of living meditation as the way to achieve a life of balance and happiness. Myung Sung represents a meeting place between Tao philosophy and mindfulness, offering a way of being that is calm, decisive, and harmonious. Sally will also talk about how she collaborated with Dr. Jenelle Kim on her manuscript.

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  • Wednesday, May 19, 2021 | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
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