Underground District 46 Project

  • Project typeUndergrounding Projects
  • Project value$2,870,000

Project Description

Utilities Underground District 46 is a CIP project to convert electric, telephone, and cable TV, and customer service cables, from overhead to underground. Part of the project includes the re-build of the existing 60kV lines within the project boundary. The undergrounding work is near completion and the remaining overhead line work is scheduled to be completed by September 2021. With the removal of some unwanted poles and overhead lines, the aesthetics within the W. Charleston, El Camino Real crossing to Arastradero Road will greatly improve.

Scope of Work

  • Install substructure conduits and vaults (completed 2019)
  • Install underground cables and related equipment (on-going)
  • Require affected customers to convert to underground (80%)
  • Remove the overhead lines (CPAU, AT&T, Comcast) ( due for completion by 9/2021)

Project Status

Phase II - Overhead Line Completion - Estimated to be completed September 2021

Project Timeline

  • Underground Work

    • Installation of substructure conduits and vaults - Completed in 2019
    • Installation of underground cables and related equipment - due for completion by April 2021
  • Overhead Work

    • Removal and completion of overhead lines (CPAU, AT&T & Comcast) - Target Completion by September 2021


Underground District 46 Boundary Map(PDF, 53KB)