Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project 30 (SSR 30)

  • Project typeSanitary Sewer Replacement
  • Project value$3,444,302.00

Project Description

The scope of this contract includes replacement of approximately 10,119 linear feet of sanitary sewer mains of various sizes and replacement/rehabilitation of 38 sewer manholes in the Ventura, Charleston Meadows, Fairmeadow, and Palo Verde neighborhoods. The scope for SSR 30 includes a portion of the Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project 29 (SSR 29) scope that was removed due to time constraints. The existing Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) mains will be replaced with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. In addition, 278 existing City-owned sewer service laterals and cleanouts will be replaced with new 4” and 6” HDPE service laterals and cleanouts.  All new service laterals will be installed from the new sewer main (usually located in the street) to the new sewer cleanouts (located in the City’s right-of-way, usually in a planting strip or behind the sidewalk). Any landscaping that may be removed as part of the work will be restored in kind when construction is completed.

Scope of Work

Replacing the sanitary sewer collection system with HDPE.

  • Installation of HDPE sewer mains and City-owned sewer laterals.
  • Reconnecting the existing HDPE sewer laterals to the new HDPE sewer mains.
  • Replace/Rehabilitate sewer manholes

Project Status

Contractor began construction on March 28, 2022. Expected completion of the project is April 2023.


SSR 30 Project Map(PDF, 7MB)