Gas Meter Protection Program

  • Project value$310,000
bollards around a gas meter

Project Description

The Utilities Gas Meter Protection Program is a 3-year program that will install bollards at various locations throughout the City. As part of the citywide gas safety program and in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulation, CFR 49 Part 192.353, Utilities Staff has identified approximately 225 gas meters that need to be protected from potential vehicular damage.  The program will install bollards at approximately 75 locations each year.

Scope of Work

Bollards are designed to protect gas meters, pipes and regulators against incidental bump damage during typical low speed vehicle movements in the driveways, alleyways or parking lots. This specification covers minimum requirements for design, material, fabrication, delivery and installation of a tubular galvanized steel pipe structure to protect gas meter assemblies.

Project Status

Began January 2020 and will complete end of 2022. Currently in the 3rd and final year of the project. 

Project Documents

Commercial and Residential Bollard Standards 

Commercial Bollard Standard Detail(PDF, 63KB)

Residential Bollard Standard Detail(PDF, 94KB)

Flyer about Gas Bollard Protection Program(PDF, 408KB)


Various locations throughout the City.