Colorado Distribution Feeder Outlets & Switch Replacement

  • Project typeUtilities Electric - System Improvement
  • Project value$400,000
utility workers installing a duct bank

Project Description

This project is to redesign the feeder duct bank out of the 12kV substation and replaces aging electric cables and switches. 

Scope of Work

  • Redesign and reconstruct existing underground cable duct bank, and install substructure for (2) new, pad mount electrical switches.
  • Replace all existing electric cables with new cable from 12kV substation to first electrical switch on Colorado Avenue.
  • Replace existing electrical switch (SF6) with (2) new pad mount switches.  

Project Status

This is a proposed project in the Utility CIP electric budget for FY2022. 

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1

    Summer 2021 - Engineering Design

  • Phase 2

    Fall 2021 - Substructure Installation

    • Substructure work will be done by the underground contractor, MP Nexlevel
  • Phase 3

    Spring 2022 - Removal of existing and installation of new electric cables and switches

    • The electric wire and equipment will be installed by CPA Utilities crew


Colorado Distribution Feeder Outlets Project Map(PDF, 188KB)