2021 Utilities Advisory Commission Agendas & Minutes

The Utilities Advisory Commission (UAC) is charged with providing advice on acquisition and development of electric, gas and water resources; joint action projects with other public or private entities which involve electric, gas or water resources; environmental implications of electric, gas or water utility projects, conservation and demand management.

2021 UAC Agendas, Minutes, and Video Links


 Agenda and Packet 



September 01, 2021  Agenda and Packet  Minutes   Video
August 4, 2021  Cancelled  N/A   N/A
July 7, 2021  Agenda and Packet   Minutes Video 
June 2, 2021  Agenda and Packet(PDF, 261KB)  Minutes   Video

May 12, 2021

Agenda and Packet

Minutes Video
May 5, 2021  Agenda and Packet  N/A  N/A 
April 21, 2021  Agenda and Packet Minutes Video
April 7, 2021  Agenda and Packet(PDF, 280KB) Minutes Video
March 3, 2021 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 257KB) Minutes Video
February 3, 2021 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 257KB) Minutes(PDF, 175KB) Video
January 6, 2021 Agenda and Packet(PDF, 257KB) Minutes(PDF, 162KB) Video


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