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City of Palo Alto Rate Relief

As our community comes together to respond to the concerns of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the City has taken steps to ensure customers have uninterrupted access to utility services and that customers experiencing hardships due to COVID-19 can get immediate utility bill help. Learn more.

What is ProjectPLEDGE?

ProjectPLEDGE is a voluntary program that began in 1997 as a way for Palo Altans to help their neighbors in times of great need.  It was founded on the idea that unexpected hardships can happen to any of us, and this program provides one way for us to be there for each other. ProjectPLEDGE allows customers to donate funds to help other families and individuals who need help paying their bills.

When you make a donation to ProjectPLEDGE, your money goes into a fund that provides bill payment assistance on a one-time only basis for households who experience sudden job loss, the death of a wage-earner or unexpected substantial medical expenses.

Palo Alto residents are diverse and unique. We have built strong communities where neighbors can help support each other in times of need. The City of Palo Alto understands that life can change in unexpected ways. This program is designed to offer help to those in need by the generous donations of voluntary Palo Altans. Help replenish ProjectPLEDGE funds to provide support to your neighbors in need!

How can I apply?

ProjectPLEDGE offers a one-time utility bill assistance for residential customers only for past due amounts, up to $750, when unexpected hardship strikes. To apply you must be the CPAU customer-of-record. The financial hardship credit received shall not exceed the outstanding balance of the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) account at the time of application

 To be eligible:

  1. Residential customers only; residents must be in arrears
  2. Proof of reduced hours or unemployment 
  3. Recent loss of spouse 
  4. Unexpected medical bills or a medical condition in which one or both of you are unable to work

Apply Now(PDF, 136KB)

Please Note: Funding is on a first come, first served basis, or until funds are depleted. Applications will be sent to Utilities Customer Service.

How can I donate?

If you would like to contribute to ProjectPLEDGE through your CPAU bill or increase the amount of your current contribution, just complete the ProjectPLEDGE donation form below. You can make regular monthly donations through your utilities bill or a single contribution by check. Your generosity will make a big difference and it is easy to make your donation.  

It’s easy!

  1. Add a modest tax-deductible donation to your utilities bill payment to help fund ProjectPLEDGE
  2. Be assured that 100% of your donated dollars goes directly to qualified recipients 
  3. Choose either a one-time donation or a pledge of a specific amount monthly (Please note: this option is currently not available for customers on the Budget Billing Payment Plan)

Donate to ProjectPLEDGE(PDF, 498KB)

Thank you! Taking action today will make a BIG difference!