Save Energy & Water


The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) offers a variety of rebates, services and resources to help make your home more energy and water efficient. 


Energy Rebates

CPAU offers rebates on home appliances and systems that can increase your home's energy efficiency, help reduce your utility bills, as well as improve the comfort of your home.


Water Rebates

CPAU partners with Valley Water to deliver free services and rebates for water efficient landscaping upgrades as well as products and projects that conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff. Check out their Water Wise Outdoor Survey and view their Landscape Guides to fashionably save water.


CPAU has resources available to help you make the best energy and water efficiency decisions for your home and business.

Home Efficiency Genie

Get free advice or a professional, in-home House Call from home efficiency experts. 

Home Efficiency Genie

Workshops & Events

Regularly updated list of free community workshops and events on efficiency and sustainability, as well as materials from past events.


Water Supply & Water Quality

Learn about Palo Alto's water supply resources, water quality, and how we are making water conservation in California a way of life.

Water Resources


Residential Energy Assistance Program

Free home energy analysis and upgrades for income or medically-qualified customers.

Residential Energy Assistance Program