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Facility energy use can be one of the greatest expenses for a business, but to some extent, it is an easily controllable operating expense. How do you control it unless you track it?

The City of Palo Alto Utilities is offering its business customers a new way to access real-time energy data for facility energy management and cost control. The Meterlinks program enables customers to view and track building energy use, analyze consumption trends and identify opportunities for greater efficiencies to help control business operating costs. Interval data can support billing for time-based electricity rates (time-of-use, critical peak pricing, peak time rebates, hourly pricing, peak demand, etc.).

Through Meterlinks, you can perform site-to-site or month-to-month comparisons, view monthly, daily or hourly profiles and download data - all on a secure site that you access with a unique user name and password. Tracking energy information is the foundation for energy efficiency. Log in today!

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Not sure if you have a Meterlinks account? Contact your City of Palo Alto Utilities Account Representative to learn if your facility is on our program.