Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program


The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provides commercial and industrial (C&I) customers with a free high-level assessment of their facility's energy usage and concrete recommendations for saving energy. 


The program is available to commercial or industrial customers with a facility that receives utility services from CPAU. The facility must also be larger than 50,000 square feet.

How It Works

Step One: Initial Assessment

You select the engineering consulting company that is right for your facility. The consultant will conduct an initial assessment of your facility to identify efficiency opportunities.

CPAU has selected three engineering consulting companies. Find the right one for your facility:

Step Two: Detailed Investigation

 The consultant will deliver a detailed, on-site investigation of your facility to determine baseline energy and water usage levels and efficiency project recommendations, including expected timeline, cost, energy savings and incentive amounts.

Step Three: Project Implementation

Once you approve the project proposed by the consultant, you may proceed with project installations using any contractor you choose.

Step Four: Project Verification and Rebate Processing 

After installation, the consultant will verify your facility's energy savings and provide a report to you and to CPAU that details the final energy savings results and incentive amount.

Step Five : Receive Rebate Check

If approved, CPAU will issue an incentive check.

Participation Benefits

  • On-site, custom facility energy evaluation from a qualified engineering consulting company.
  • Detailed report on facility's energy use and recommendations for energy efficiency projects, including associated energy savings, costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Independent verification of achieved energy savings after installation.
  • Turnkey project implementation services can be provided by the City's engineering consultant for an additional fee.