Crescent Park Traffic Calming Project

  • Project typeTraffic and Transportation
  • Project value$200,000
  • Completion DateSeptember 29, 2023


Project Description

In early 2018, residents who live in or near the Crescent Park neighborhood corresponded with the City regarding traffic conditions in this neighborhood. Residents cited traffic congestion and high volumes of cut-through traffic during the peak hours, safety and high travel speeds during off-peak hours as concerns and identified improved safety and quality of life as the primary goals of the project.

The City collected and analyzed comprehensive traffic volume and speed data and identified priority study areas. In coordination with the stakeholders group and input from the nearby neighborhood residents, staff developed preliminary conceptual plans with potential traffic calming modifications for the Crescent Park neighborhood. A one-year trail period of the proposed traffic calming neighborhood plan was conducted. The summary of pre-pilot and post-pilot data is summarized in the Post Pilot Memo Draft - December 2022 available in the project documents.

Scope of Work

  • University Avenue / West Crescent Drive - Installation of a 50’ protected bikeway section in the eastbound direction.
  • Southwood Drive / East Crescent Drive - Installation of curb extensions in order to square off the intersection and add a new stop sign on Hamilton to create a three-way, all stop intersection.
  • Hamilton Avenue / Center Drive / Southwood Drive  - Installation of an oval shaped/elongated traffic circle with stop control in the middle of the intersection.

Project Status

The Office of Transportation implemented the traffic calming measures for a 1- year trial period in the Summer of 2021. After the trial period ended the pre-pilot and post-pilot data were analyzed to find the effectiveness of the traffic calming treatment. The analysis performed by City’s consultant shows a reduction in speed as well as cut-through traffic. Staff also conducted the neighborhood survey to seek feedback from the residents. The study report and survey results are provided under the project documents. For the next step in the process, Staff will be seeking approval from the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) and the City Council to proceed with the design of the permanent installation.


Project Documents

Final Installation Plans - July 2021(PDF, 6MB)
Proposed Alternative Layouts(PDF, 28MB)
Preliminary Draft Concept Layouts(PDF, 7MB)
Traffic Speed and Volume Data(PDF, 12MB)
Post Pilot Memo DRAFT – December 2022(PDF, 12MB)
Traffic Calming Pilot Project Survey Results - April 2023(PDF, 352KB)


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