Walk and Bike Route Planning Maps and Links

Route Planning

Planning a run, family walk or biking trip? Reference the following links to access low to medium volume streets with lower speeds and supportive infrastructure like stop signs, stop lights and overhead flashers.

Family Walking and Biking Route Ideas

You’re ready to roll, now where to go? Try any of the following activities below, or set up a Weekly “Walk and Roll Wednesday” to enjoy one or more of these activities per week.

Measure Your Progress and Enjoy the Stride/Ride!

The following resources can help you keep track of your runs/rides as well as find out about what other crowdsourced routes are being used to get around town.

  • Relive: Records your route and allows you to post photos along your journey)
  • Strava: Provides route maps, turn-by-turn directions and social networking)
  • Map My Ride: Records walks/runs/rides and pairs with health data