Equity and Inclusion

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Equity Matters when it comes to Safe and Convenient Walking and Biking. How so?

  • People with low-income and people of color are walking and bicycling in dangerous conditions.
  • Biking and walking can provide huge health benefits for people of color in low-income communities where the prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure is disproportionately high.


In July 2018, the SRTS Partnership began considering how the development of an Equity Action Plan, partly in response to an East Palo Alto student who was injured when his chain broke unexpectedly on his route home, might better ensure that students experiencing adverse transportation needs were not overlooked. In 2019 The objective to develop this plan was approved as a part of the Year 3 Work Plan. Since then, and with the support of the School District and the PTA, the City’s SRTS team has collaborated with a goal of developing a mission statement, objectives, as well as local and regional equity focused partnership.

Example Activities

A woman holds a map in front of the MIKE pop-up

  • Appointing Youth Representative to the City School Transportation Safety Committee
  • Improve District and Regional Engagement by setting up one to two community meetings
  • Prioritize Infrastructure Improvements for Vulnerable Populations by making sure material are culturally and linguistically appropriate
  • Provide Educational Resources for Vulnerable Populations to Ensure Mode Shift Across Demographics via delivery to low-income housing developments
  • Provide Encouragement Resources for Vulnerable Populations to Ensure More Shift Across Demographics by working with local non-profits like Nuestra Casa and PAUSD Family Engagement (SaFE) program
  • Collaborate as a Partnership to Mitigate Transportation Inequity Through an Enhanced Understanding of Current Issues and Concerns
  • Mobile Information Kiosk E-Bike (MIKE)

Join the conversation about Equity

If you have an equity related idea to share or interested in participating in this development process please lets us know by emailing us at SafeRoutes@CityofPaloAlto.org.

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