Safe Routes for Pedestrian, Bicyclist, & Students

the image has palo alto children learning about bicycle safety through the bike rodeo program.

The Palo Alto Safe Routes to School program coordinates bicycle and pedestrian safety education.

As the number of students who use alternative transportation to commute (walking, biking, carpooling, and transit) has risen over the years, the scope of the City's Safe Routes to School education offerings has grown. The 2018-19 core education programs touched approximately 5,888 students, or roughly 49% of total PAUSD enrollment. Sample Curriculum


Construction Updates: Heads Up!

The next time you see a construction project on a Palo Alto street and wonder what’s happening, you have a new online tool to turn to called Heads Up! Heads Up! gives you real-time information on street closures impacting our City’s roadways for four hours or more. It’s still in beta launch mode but you can get the information at your fingertips by registering to receive Heads Up! alerts, then by clicking on the a project located on the map, then clicking on "receive alerts".