Free Hourly Parking

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Free Hourly Parking

Parking is provided for visitors and customers in the Downtown Business District and California Avenue Business District on the street, in off-street parking lots, and in parking garages. We currently offer the following parking options:

  • Two-hour parking is provided in on-street spaces and in surface lots.
  • Three-hour parking is provided in parking garages except in designated permit areas.

Visit our Parking Facilities section to learn more about Downtown Business District parking and California Avenue Business District parking.

If you plan on staying for more than 2 – 3 hours, please purchase a one-day parking permit. To learn more, please visit our All Day Visitor Parking Permits page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm planning to go to Palo Alto on a weekday. Where can I park?

There are a number of parking options in Palo Alto for visitors, including the following:

  • Park off-street in garages or lots. Most will allow you to park free of charge for 2 to 3 hours (check signage in the garage/lot)
  • If you’re parking for a longer period of time in a garage, purchase a daily parking permit at the Cowper/Webster garage, the Bryant/Lytton garage, or Revenue Collections in City Hall
  • Park on-street for up to 2 hours in the color zone or RPP district.

How long are daily permits valid for?

Daily permits can only be used on the specified date.

How can I park while visiting a resident in the RPP district?

Anyone may park in the RPP district for up to 2 hours without a permit. If you’ll be visiting longer, you may obtain a visitor daily scratcher from the resident to use while parking on-street.

If you are a recurrent visitor (such as a caretaker, nanny, etc.), each resident may purchase long-term visitor passes for your use.