Valet Assist Program

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About the Valet Assist Program

The City of Palo Alto is making significant efforts to address parking and traffic challenges, especially near the Downtown Commercial core. One of the components of the overall strategy is to improve the utilization of the city’s existing parking garages and lots. To support this initiative, the city implemented a valet-assist program in the Alma/High Street garage (Lot R).

The Lot R valet program is staffed by two valet attendant staffers, stationed at the third floor of the garage beginning at 9 AM on weekdays. When the permit spaces of the garage are close to full, the attendants direct permit parkers to park in the drive aisles of the garage in a manner which still allows vehicles to enter and exit. The motorists provide their key to the attendant, and the attendant may move the vehicle during the day to accommodate other vehicles. The motorist receives their key back from the attendant when they return to the garage.

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