Downtown Color Zone Parking

Downtown Color Zone Map(PDF, 202KB)

Color Zone Rules

The core business district of downtown Palo Alto is divided into four color-coded parking zones.

  • Color zones are Purple, Coral, Lime and Blue.
  • Once the time limit expires in a given color zone you must move your vehicle out of that zone.
  • Vehicles will be ticketed if they are re-parked in the same color zone within the same enforcement day.
  • Thirty-minute green parking zones, yellow commercial loading zones, white passenger loading zones and blue disability designated spaces are exempt from the color zone re-parking requirement.

Example Scenario

You park in a 2-hour space on the street in the Lime Zone at noon. (You may repark within the Lime Zone only during your initial two hours should you need to.) However, if you leave before the 2 hours are up, you cannot repark later that same day. Your car must leave the Lime Zone by 2 p.m. You may park in any other Color Zone except the Lime Zone, which you are now leaving.