Zero Waste Facilitators

Zero Waste Facilitators can help you comply with the City’s Recycling and Composting Ordinance. They may also be able to help you lower your refuse costs.

Zero Waste Facilitators can assist both commercial and residential properties by:
  • Providing education and feedback to tenants and staff to improve participation
  • Improving collection efficiency
  • Reducing contamination in composting or recycling by conducting back-of-house sorting of materials.
The companies listed below are currently offering Zero Waste Facilitator services in Palo Alto. This list may not include all companies providing such services and is for reference only.  The City of Palo Alto does not promote any particular business or company. 


Zero Waste Facilitators for Commercial Buildings and Multi‐Family Complexes


Contact Name

Phone Number


 Commercial / Residential 

ABM Janitorial

Antonio Partida

(925) 297-9501

Commercial / Residential

Clean Waste Revolution

Trivia Flowers / Henry Jones

(510) 455-8772

Commercial / Residential

Copia Resources

Sam Chun

(925) 984-5550

Commercial / Residential

Township Building Services, Inc. 

Travis Gill

(415) 382-8858 ext 223  

Commercial / Residential 

 Trash Scouts Pedrito Gella (510) 788-0462  Commercial

Waste Experts 

 Chris Adams

(925) 440-3110  Commercial / Residential