Soiled Paper is GOOD for Your Green Cart

Examples of soiled paper


Compost Soiled Paper

Soiled paper isn't recyclable, but it can be composted. By placing it in your green compost cart, you'll not only be making a vital soil amendment, you'll also be creating renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

Greasy, Grimy, Gooey Paper is GOOD for your GREEN CART

Compost Soiled Paper!


Any paper that’s come in contact with dirt, grime, spills, and greasy and gooey food is compostable, and can be placed in your green compost cart. This “soiled paper” comes from any number of everyday activities, such as cooking and eating at home, getting take-out meals, and cleaning. Common soiled paper items include:

  • Paper trays, liners and pizza boxes greasy from food 
  • Napkins, paper towels or paper plates gooey from sauces, melted ice cream, syrup, etc.
  • Paper takeout containers with greasy or gooey food remnants
  • Greasy, gooey napkins used during meals
  • Paper towels dirty from cleaning grimy ovens and stove tops, windows and counters

Examples of greasy, grimy, and gooey soiled paper

Wet Paper is WONDERFUL for your GREEN CART

Compost Soiled Paper!


Any paper that’s gotten wet from hand washing, cleaning up spills or holding liquids, such as coffee, tea, juice or milk is better composted than recycled. This is also “soiled paper” and includes the following:

  • Paper towels from drying hands and cleaning up spills 
  • Coffee and tea take-out cups
  • Take-out containers
  • Milk cartons

Examples of wet soiled paper products