Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars

These look like bars of soap, but they are really shampoo! The bars are a solid alternative to liquid shampoos. Many brands are available for all kinds of hair types: oily, dry, colored hair and more, and they come in minimal packaging.

Many shampoo bars are formulated with natural and gentle ingredients, which may benefit your hair and scalp. Be sure to check what the bars are made with, so you choose the right one for your needs. As with any change to your normal hair care routine, give your hair a week or so to adjust to the new formula.

To use, wet your hair and the bar. You can either create a lather in your hands or apply the bar directly to your hair. Some bars may seem more “sudsy” than others, depending on the ingredients. Be sure to follow the directions of the brand you choose for best results.

Store your shampoo or conditioner bars on a soap dish that drains so it doesn’t sit in water. It should air dry in between uses. A bar may last from 50-80 washes and they sell for around $10-$15.

Make the switch, enjoy your healthy hair, and feel good about not generating all those plastic bottles!