Reusable Snack Packs

Cloth and silicone reusable snack bags

Packing a lunch on the go? Hiking and need a lightweight container for your trail mix? These handy pouches take up little space and are easy to carry. They also work great at home too!

Silicone pouches
For wet or moist foods, you can try silicone zip pouches. Made from a durable, flexible material, they can be used many times with proper care. They’re great for vegetables, fruit and similar foods, but can work for any type of food. Use them for whatever you might have wanted to put in a plastic bag. Added bonus, they're dishwasher safe! 

Fabric pouches
For a plastic-free and washable option, there are fabric pouches that seal with Velcro or snaps. These pouches also come in fun colors and prints that add a bit of style to your snack! You can pack sandwiches, chips, trail mix, nuts—anything that won’t soak through a fabric. Fabric pouches are not air-tight, so they are best for short-term storage.

Reuse your own containers
Of course, any old container will do for food storage, whether at home or on the go— you don’t necessarily need to purchase something new. If space isn’t an issue, you can reuse old yogurt, margarine or cottage cheese containers, whatever works for your needs. The idea is to replace disposable, one-time use items like plastic zip-seal bags that are used once or twice and then tossed.