Reusable Cleaning Cloths, Pads and Wipes

Reusable cloths and mop pad

Use reusable cloths to zero out waste from disposable paper towels and wipes, as well as their packaging. There are even options for floor cleaning as well.

Instead of buying cloths just for cleaning, use any natural cloth item that is no longer usable for its original purpose—this is the most Zero Waste option. Cotton towels, blankets, cloth diapers—even old t-shirts and socks work well and don’t cost a penny! Cut large items into smaller pieces or use as is. Old socks can go right on your hand for an easy-to-use dusting cloth!

Once your done cleaning simply throw your reusable cloths in the washing machine for a good cleaning themselves and they'll be ready to go for another cleaning.

Mops too!

There are even reusable cleaning pads available for cleaning floors. Mops with a set of detachable pads that fasten to the mop make it easy to attach and use. These work as both wet for washing floors and dry for dusting them. Use with your favorite natural cleaners. These reusable mop pads eliminate the waste from the pre-soaked mop wipes, and the packaging that goes with them. And, you’ll have more control over the cleaner you use—you can choose a natural brand or mix your own using less-toxic ingredients and natural fragrances.

Cleaning Tips

  • Keep a stack under your sink so they’re handing for cleaning counters in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • If you’re concerned about mixing dirty cleaning cloths with your regular clothes on laundry day, simply keep the dirty cloths in a separate pile and wash them separately once you have a full enough load.

Zero Waste Extra Credit

When natural cloths (cotton, wool, or hemp) are so worn they are no longer suitable for cleaning, you can use them as weed block in your garden where they can break down naturally.