Returnable and Refillable Personal Care Products

Durable refillable bottles

From deodorant to shampoo and razors, there are options for buying products you use often in refillable packaging, including packaging that the retailer takes back. Some brands offer subscription services so you can replenish your supply on a regular basis before you run out.

Deodorants offered in reusable packaging will eliminate hard-to-recycle deodorant containers. Here’s how it works: you buy the reusable container with your first purchase of the product. When you need more, select the “refill” option on your order, and you’ll only get the deodorant, not another container.

Instead of disposable razors, which only last three to eight shaves, try a durable razor that offers quality blade refills. You’ll get more shaves from these blade refills while reducing the waste from throwing away a whole razor.

Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions—even hand sanitizer— are becoming available in refillable and/or returnable packaging. There are a few online retailers that offer their products in durable containers that can be returned for refills.  Alternatively, there may be a local shop that offers these types of products in fillable containers that you bring to the store.

If you are purchasing a product that offers refills, be sure to choose one that uses zero waste packaging for the refill product. Paper, metal, glass containers are best since they are easily recycled or composted. Try to avoid pouches, tubes and any plastic packaging.