Laundry Detergent Strips

Laundry detergent strip going into washing machine

Replace large heavy jugs of laundry detergent with concentrated strips, which are simply the detergent portion of the soap, without the heavy water. These strips look small, but have the same cleaning power as liquid detergents!

Strips go into the washing machine directly with the clothes or in the detergent tray—be sure to read directions for the brand you try. The water from your washing machine reconstitutes the detergent. Simple, but effective!

By using products that ship without water, we cut down on waste from the large jugs or bottles. But we also save resources. It takes less energy to ship a load of small packets to a retailer (or your home) than a heavy bottle of liquid. That also cuts down on greenhouse gases. Less water is used when making the product as well.

Look for strips that come in paper packets to avoid non-recyclable packaging waste, like plastic pouches.