Document Shredding Events

Safely destroy and recycle your confidential and personal paperwork at the Document Shredding Events held at the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer (SMaRT) Station. These events are a free service limited to the residents of Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto (partners of the SMaRT Station®). Proof of residency is required.

Please only use this service for confidential or personal documents. Recycle all your non-confidential documents in your blue recycle cart.

2021 Document Shredding Event Dates:

  • Saturday March 6  
  • Saturday July 10 
  • Saturday November 6


What should I shred?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then SHRED the document:

  • Does it have any personally identifiable information?
  • Does it contain information protected by privacy laws?
  • Does it violate any privacy laws?
  • Does it share any confidential corporate information?
  • Does the document list any financial information?


  • Residents may bring a maximum of 5 banker-size boxes or 5 brown paper bags of confidential/personal paper documents to shred. A banker’s box measurement is approximately 12” x 10” x 15”.
  • Remove documents from binders and binder clips (these can damage the shredding equipment); however, paperclips, staples and rubber bands are acceptable.
  • Unacceptable items* include (but not limited to): batteries, matches, electronics, metal, cardboard, binders, binder clips, x-rays, CD’s, DVD’s, plastic sleeves, e-waste, pens, etc. No garbage or non-paper items! Sift through your documents before arrival at the shredding event to ensure you have documents only.
  • All documents will be shredded immediately on-site, during the event.
  • Recycle all non-confidential documents and paper curbside in your recycling cart.

*IMPORTANT: These items can cause the shredding truck to catch on fire.


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