Street Sweeping Ordinances

Street sweeping services which is managed by Public Works does not provide curbside green waste pickup or sweep leaves that are collected on private property and/or sidewalks. Gardeners and residents are not permitted to collect yard waste or debris into the gutter. 

If debris is left in the gutter it has the ability to enter into the storm drain or block gutters which can result in flooding. Flooding has the capability to block streets and sidewalks which can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. 

The uncollected green waste or debris that enters the City’s storm drains can affect the health of the environment and animal inhabitants that are located within the creeks, estuaries, bayland and San Francisco Bay. Therefore, the following ordinances are in place to protect the environment, residents, and visitors. 

 The following ordinances describe what actions are violations and may result in enforcement:

  • Ordinance 9.48.040
    Placing any debris or green waste in the street is a violation of the municipal code.
  • Ordinance 9.48.020
    It is illegal to block the street in any manner. Leaving debris, furniture or any other objects in the street is a violation of the municipal code.
  • Ordinance 10.36.030
    The maximum term for residential on-street parking is 72 hours unless otherwise posted. Vehicles that are left standing are subject to citation or tow. Please park your car off-street on sweeping day.
  • Ordinance 10.44.050
    Public Works Sweeping may require a clear path to sweep streets. This may be accomplished by posting temporary no parking signs. These signs are approved and enforced by Police Department Traffic Division. Please observe signs for hours of Temporary NO PARKING. If you have any questions, please call (650) 496-6974.