Public Tree Planting Program


Our urban forest cannot sustain itself, let alone grow, without some help. Every year the Urban Forestry Section plants trees in vacant public tree sites as part of the Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP). The  UFMP policy 1.F calls for a 98% stocking of identified viable planting sites for parks and street trees.

The planting sites selected can be locations where dead or dying trees have been removed or previously un-planted sites that can support a street tree. Between 2012 and 2017 over 1,400 public trees were planted. The work for this program generally starts in the fall and continues through spring.

Requesting a Street Tree

To request that a Public Street Tree be planted in the City's right-of-way at your residence please fill out the form below or contact the Urban Forestry Section at (650) 496-5953. 

Urban Forestry Section staff will inspect the available sites at the location to determine if a new tree can be supported. In some cases factors such as a restricted planting area, proximity to underground utilities, or overhead utilities conflicts may prevent a site from being planted. 

South Palo Alto residents can also request a tree as part of the South Palo Alto Tree Initiative. Our non-profit partner Canopy is managing this initiative. Please visit the Canopy South Palo Alto Tree Initiative page for more details.

City of Palo Alto Request a Street Tree Form

Canopy South Palo Alto Tree Request Form