Forms and Permits

Permit Applications and Information

Information regarding permits and applications for private development projects.

Street Work Permits

This permit is needed if work is to be performed in the city right-of-way and El Camino Real sidewalks, such as underground work, sidewalk replacement, driveway installation or other work that will cut the street or sidewalk. Note that the street is defined as the public right-of-way which includes the sidewalk area.

Encroachment Permit/Temporary Lease

An Encroachment Permit is required whenever private structures will be placed under, on, or over property in which the City has control over, such as rights of way or utility easements. Or, City-owned property, such as parks or parking lots. This permit is required regardless of any permits or other approvals, such as building permits or Planning Department entitlements.

Excavation and Grading Permit

An Excavation and Grading permit is required for grading activities on private property when the cut, full and/or storage of soil total 100 cubic yards or more.

Other Guidelines and Information