University Avenue Streetscape Project

  • Project typeTraffic and Transportation
University Avenue

Project Description

University Avenue is a two-lane street that provides access from Highway 101 through the downtown area and continues to Stanford University. University Avenue is a regional and local public destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts and to support local businesses and the community, the City closed portions of University Avenue to vehicular traffic in 2020 and 2021, enabling outdoor dining and retail experiences. The street was re-opened to vehicular traffic in Fall 2021. To facilitate people-centric activities and to create a more vibrant and inclusive space to support residents and local businesses, this project proposes transforming the University Avenue streetscape by repurposing streets, sidewalks, curbs, and parking areas. The goal of the project is to adapt the public realm to maximize pedestrian and bicycle use, reduce congestion, accentuate and enhance the retail environment/economic activity, while maintaining vital two-way vehicular access, parking opportunities, delivery and loading zones, ride share spaces, and other amenities including performance space.

Scope of Work

The project would use a phased approach with Phase 1 consisting of public outreach, conceptual design, preliminary environmental studies, and financial assessment. A preferred plan will be developed in Phase 1 based on community and stakeholders’ input. Upon completion of Phase 1 assessment and Council’s review of the community preferred plan, future phases including design, environmental assessment, bidding and construction would be developed.   

The Phase 1 scope of services include:

  • Stakeholders coordination and public outreach.
  • Data collection and field surveys.
  • Preliminary environmental studies including traffic and arborist reports.
  • Streetscape conceptual design alternatives and community preferred plan line development.
  • Cost estimate, funding and assessment planning.

Upcoming Meetings 

  • There are no upcoming meetings. Please check back for updates. 

Project Status 

  • Phase 1 - University Avenue Conceptual Plan 

Project Timeline

  • Stage 1

    Phase 1 - University Avenue Conceptual Plan (Spring 2022 - 2023)

Project Documents 

Staff Report ID. 13609 Approval of University Ave Streetscape Design Contract(PDF, 2MB)