East Meadow Drive & East Meadow Circle Capacity Upgrades

  • Project typeStorm Drain Master Plan

Project Description

This project is comprised of two Storm Drain Master Plan CIP projects. The first project location is on East Meadow Drive where the existing 36-inch pipe on East Meadow Drive is currently undersized and lacks the capacity to convey a 10-year storm runoff to the Adobe Pump Station. This project proposes to upsize the pipe to a 48-inch pipe in order to achieve a 10-year level of service. The second project is on East Meadow Circle north of East Meadow Drive. The existing storm drain system drains into Barron creek, and lacks the capacity to convey a 10-year storm runoff. This project proposes to create a storm drain bypass by implementing a new storm drain line to connect to the existing manhole on East Meadow Circle and the existing manhole on East Meadow Drive. This bypass will divert partial storm drain runoff to Adobe Creek during a storm event when water level on Barrow Creek is higher than that flap gate and flows within the pipes are not able discharge into Barron Creek. 

There is one storm drain main connection from private development projects at intersection of East Meadow Drive and Paloma Street, those will need to be reconnected to the proposed 48-inch line. In addition, this project includes possible utility offsets of existing 6-inch water, 8-inch water lines, water service and 4-inch fiber optics lines due to conflicts with the proposed gravity storm drain lines. Staff will also investigate implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) where feasible to improve runoff quality and encourage infiltration of the small storm events. 

Scope of Work

  • 407 linear feet of 36-inch pipe to be upsized to 48-inch pipe (SD-22000)
  • 755 linear feet of 15-inch pipe to be installed (SD-26000)
  • 2 storm drain lines reconnections from Paloma (SD-22000)
  • 4 utility offsets (Water and Fiber Optics SD-22000 and SD-26000)
  • 28 linear feet of 12-inch pipe to be installed (SD-26000)
  • 7 storm drain structures to be either removed and replaced or added
  • 2 catch basins to be removed and replaced
  • Install of GSI features (if possible)

Project Status

East Meadow Circle North of East Meadow Drive Project
Under Design (Winter 2022)
Estimated Project Value $489,200

East Meadow Drive East of East Meadow Circle to Adobe Pump Station Project 
Under Design (Winter 2022)
Estimated Project Value $735,800

Project Location

map of project site at e meadow cir and e meadow dr 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this project funded?

The Storm Drainage System Replacement and Rehabilitation project is funded by the Storm Water Management Fee ballot measure, approved by Palo Alto voters in April 2017. This project proposes to maintain the integrity of the storm drain system through replacement or rehabilitation of deteriorated storm drain pipes, manholes, and inlets.

Is Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) included with this project?

Staff will inspect site and determine if feasible based on existing constraints.

Has this project been coordinated with other departments?

This project includes coordination with the Utilities Department, Public Works Engineering Streets Group, and Public Works Operations Maintenance Group.