Highway 101 Pedestrian / Bike Bridge Project

  • Project typeTraffic and Transportation
  • Project value$22,889,453

Project Description

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto (along with its neighbor to the south, Mountain View) is home to hundreds of technology and research-based companies, including a number of major employers such as Google, Intuit, and Space Systems Loral that have clustered in close proximity to Highway 101 and the Bay Trail. To better link these growing job centers with regional trails and bicycle facilities, and improve access to superb recreation opportunities like the Baylands, the City has prioritized the funding and construction of a new, year-round bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing over Highway 101 at Adobe Creek near the City’s southern border.

The Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Project at Adobe Creek replaces the seasonal Benjamin Lefkowitz Underpass that was available only half the year (on average) due to seasonal flooding. It would also complement an existing, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) non-compliant, overpass that is 1.25 miles north. The new overcrossing will include a new Class I trail connection, connecting West Bayshore Road to the Baylands.

The Project is funded from local, state and federal sources, including a $5.5 million grant from the County of Santa Clara’s Stanford Recreation Mitigation Fund.

Scope of Work

  • The project includes the principal span structures consisting of self-weathering steel trusses over Highway 101 and East and West Bayshore Roads, the east and west concrete approach structures, three trailheads, and the Adobe Creek Reach Trail. The pathway will be 12 feet wide.
  • The Adobe Creek Reach Trail will connect the trailheads at East Meadow Drive and West Bayshore Road.
  • Site amenities, signage, landscaping, and lighting are also included.

View the Concept Design Rendering for the Adobe Creek/101 Overcrossing

Project Status

Project Timeline

The project was opened to the public on November 20, 2021 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony plus a community celebration.

View Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Opening Event Information

  • Stage 1

    01/2017 - 07/2019

    Design of the project. 

  • Stage 2

    01/2020 - 12/2020
    • Pre-construction meeting
    • Submittals preparation and review.  
    • Stakeholder coordination.
    • Project documentation, management, and control.
    • Implementation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Traffic Control Plans.
    • Vegetation removal.
    • Joint utility trench construction and utilities relocation along West Bayshore Road.
    • Bridge piles, columns, and supports construction.
    • Adobe Creek Bridge fabrication, installation, and deck concrete pouring.
    • East Approach Structure falsework, rebar installation, and deck concrete pouring.
    • Steel fabrication and inspections and testing for bridge elements.
    • Falsework installation for West Approach Structure.


  • Stage 3

    01/2021 - 03/2021
    • Rebar installation and concrete deck pouring on West Approach Structures. Removed and off-hauled falsework material from approach structures.
    • Retaining walls along West Bayshore Road and Barron Creek.
    • Structural backfill and embankment construction behind the retaining wall at Pedestrian Access Ramp. 
    • Adobe Creek Reach Trail and 3600 West Bayshore parking lot grading.
    • Concrete pouring for new curb, gutter and sidewalk along West Bayshore Road.
    • Began installing light poles and miscellaneous electrical and lighting improvements.
    • Began installing stormwater treatment unit and miscellaneous site improvements.
    • Began railing fabrication.
    • Continued steel fabrication and inspections and testing of bridge elements.
  • Stage 4

    04/2021 - 07/2021
    • Installed steel bridge sections over Highway 101, and East and West Bayshore Roads. 
    • Completed main span reinforcing and concrete deck pouring.
    • Completed construction of the Pedestrian Access Ramp along West Bayshore Road.
    • Completed paving at Adobe Creek Reach Trail and 3600 West Bayshore Road south parking lot.
    • Completed landscaping and irrigation at 3600 West Bayshore Road.
    • Completed east approach landing construction.
    • Completed light poles installation along west approach structure and at east landing. 
    • Installed fencing at the new Adobe Creek Bridge.
    • Continued bridge railing fabrication process and installation. 
    • Miscellaneous electric and lighting improvements.
  • Stage 5

    08/2021 - 11/2021
    • Planting and irrigation on east side of the project
    • Complete Bridge railing fabrication, galvanization, staining, and installation
    • Bridge fencing and rail lights installation
    • Signage, striping, site amenities and miscellaneous site improvements
    • Construction complete

Project Documents

Documents and Staff Reports