Shoreline Amphitheatre Noise Complaint

Occasionally, noise from concerts and events at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View can be heard in Palo Alto.  That noise can disturb our residents and prompt complaints to our 24-hour dispatch center; unfortunately, our personnel are not legally able to enforce Palo Alto ordinances for noise emanating from another jurisdiction.

Instead, we compile noise complaints received from Palo Alto residents and businesses and forward them to the City of Mountain View.  If you are a Palo Alto resident or business, please complete the form below.  If you'd prefer, you can also leave a voice mail message on our dedicated Shoreline Amphitheatre noise complaint hotline at (650) 329-2631.

If you live or work outside of Palo Alto and are being disturbed by noise from Shoreline Amphitheatre, please do not use this form and instead contact the Mountain View Police Department directly at (650) 903-6344.

To view a calendar of concerts and events at the venue, visit Shoreline Amphitheatre's official website.

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