Megan's Law Website


The California Department of Justice maintains the Megan's Law Website to enhance community safety by showing photos and legally-releasable information (including in some cases, specific home street addresses) of people who have been convicted of certain designated sex offenses.

Detectives from the Palo Alto Police Department regularly meet with registered sex offenders as required by law, and upload current information about them to the California Sex and Arson Registry.  That repository of information, in turn, informs the Megan's Law Website.  Pursuant to Penal Code §290.46, not all registered sex offenders have their information publicly disclosed on the website; however, those offenders are still required to meet with law enforcement regularly, and law enforcement is aware of their whereabouts.

We would like to remind everyone that it is illegal to use information from the website to commit a crime against a registered sex offender.

The Megan's Law Website contains the most up-to-date information available for public release.  The Palo Alto Police Department does not have any additional information available for release on any registered sex offender listed on the website.  If you have any questions or concerns about registered sex offenders residing in Palo Alto, you are welcome to call our detective bureau at (650) 329-2597.

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