Fire Prevention Bureau

The mission of the Palo Alto Fire Prevention Bureau, within the city's Development Center, is to provide quality and timely development services. Our fire prevention staff performs fire plan checks, reviews, permitting, and field inspections. Our goal is to accommodate all requests for service in a time frame that meets our customer's needs.




Information for Contractors

PAFD ERRCS Standards(PDF, 298KB)
Guidance for the design and field acceptance testing to ensure radio coverage is adequate for first responders emergency operations. Also referred to as ERRS, DAS, and BDA.

Fire Engine and Ladder Truck Checklist and Specifications
This checklist includes but is not limited to information the Palo Alto Fire Department may require for new commercial structures or residential developments with 3 or more units when submitting for plan review.

PAFD Sign Standard
Specifications for signs used for PAFD operations like FACP, Emergency Power Off, and Fire Riser Room.

Alternative Energy Notification Plaque(PDF, 174KB)
Use this plaque on residences to show locations of PV, energy storage systems, Utility power and their shutoffs. This plaque is for use by first responders and shall be reflective, all weather, and UV resistant. 

Contractor Inspection Checklists:


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Online Fire Permits

Pre-applications for fire permits can be filed online through Palo Alto's Accela Citizen Access portal. The online pre-application process allows prospective fire permit applicants to submit their pre-applications and upload digital building plans and documents. Staff then review the application materials to ensure all necessary documents have been provided. The applicant will be notified once the online submittal package is considered complete and ready for the fire permit application intake phase.

To begin a pre-application and learn more head to our Online Permit Services page.

Pay Permit Fees Online

Navigate to our online permitting services portal (OPS) to pay permit fees online. Enter the permit number in the box titled "Record Number" (leaving the remainder of the fields blank). Click on "Search" at the bottom of the page. Click on "Payment". Click on "Pay Fees". Click on "Continue Application". Complete required Credit Card information.

Request a Fire Inspection

Requesting inspections with Accela Citizen Access (ACA) or the PA Inspection Request Mobile App (PA iRequest) Now Available!

Request an inspection with the PA iRequest App
Scheduling inspections with the City’s Palo Alto Inspection Request app is available. The Palo Alto Inspection Request app for iOS (Apple) or Android can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store to your mobile device (search for Palo Alto iRequest).

Request an inspection through the Accela Citizen Access (ACA) web portal
Logging on or registering for an account not required to request an inspection via ACA

General Forms

Fire Department Permit Application
Please fill out prior to submitting plans for a Fire Department Permit. Forms are available here to download or upon request at the Development Center.

Hazardous Materials

HazMat Closure Plan Requirements(PDF, 152KB)
Any facility with hazardous materials that is closing must submit a HazMat closure plan. See requirements to know what to submit with your closure plan, who to submit to, closure procedures, scheduling inspections, and how to get approval.

Electronic Submission Guide of Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)(PDF, 285KB)
Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs) and Registration ('Short') Forms must be submitted electronically via the CERS website ( HMBP are required for any business with on-site hazardous materials. Use this step by step guide to navigate the CERS website and requirements.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Guide(PDF, 137KB)
HazMat Compliance Guide for LPG tanks or containers.

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