Apply for Minor Building Permit

Do you need to apply for a minor building permit?  Follow the instructions below.


Step 1.Understand the rules & requirements

a. A minor building permit are only for the following projects. They can be applied for, issued, and printed instantly.

Minor Building Permit
Backflow Device Repipe-Water Piping System

Boiler Replacement 

(same location less than 399k BTU)


Furnace Replacement

(same location)

 Water Heater (No Tankless)
Repair Gas Leak  Window Retrofit (Residential Only)


b. Be a licensed contractor

c. Have a registered account in Online Permitting Services (OPS)/Accela Citizen Access (ACA)

Note: If applying for a more 'complex' building permit (jobs not listed above) please apply for a Building Permit Pre-Application. Do not create a minor building permit application if your job isn't listed above.

Step 2.Gather your supporting documents

a. Know the address where the job will be performed

b. Know the job value amount

c. Have your credit card information

Step 3.Fill out your online application

Log in and create your application under the 'Building' tab

         Get started at OPS/ACA

Step 4.Permit Issued

Your minor building permit will be issued and can be printed once your application is complete.


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