2951 El Camino Real

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Application #: 20PLN-00158 (1st Prescreening)

Request for City Council Prescreening Review Application of a mixed-use project with approximately 119 new residential units, 5000 Square Foot of office space, and 1,000 Square Foot retail space. A full project description is included on the drawing set cover page. 

Zoning District: CS & R-1 (Single Family Residential).

Revised Design

Application # 20PLN-00253 (2nd Prescreening)

Request for City Council Prescreening review for a conceptual mixed-use project containing 113 dwelling units, 5,000 square feet of office space and 1,000 square feet of retail/commercial area. The total project floor area is 122,258 square feet resulting in a floor area ratio of 2.55 (FAR). The building extends to 53 feet 8 inches in height adjacent to El Camino Real with stair/elevator enclosures up to 58 feet (Sheets A2.1, A3.0, A3.1). The height transitions to 34 feet adjacent to the R-1 zoned properties to the rear and along Olive and Pepper Avenues. The height transitions from the adjacent R-1 parcels have the standard R-1 zoning primary daylight plane (10 foot height at 45 degrees) and primary rear daylight plane applied (16 foot height offset by a 20 foot setback at 60 degrees).

City Council Prescreening

City Council Prescreening applications function as a preliminary review (“prescreening”) where the City Council will provide comments and general direction regarding the applicant’s concept to develop the subject property with a high density mixed-use multi-family housing development. In addition, City Council may provide City Staff with feedback on changes to the Land Use designation of the subject properties that would be necessary to allow for the proposed development. No formal Council action may be taken during a preliminary review, and comments provided in the course of a pre-screening are not binding on the City or the applicant.  

Environmental Assessment: Not a Project

This Prescreening is a preliminary review process in which Councilmembers may provide comment, but no formal action will be taken. Therefore, no review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is required at this time. A full review under CEQA would be initiated with the formal filing of a development application. Following submittal of a formal application, a Traffic Impact Analysis, Noise Study, Phase I and other reports, as needed to complete the environmental review, would be prepared. Both staff and the application are aware that there is a plume in the area. Appropriate measures for use of the site as multi-family residential would be assessed closely as part of the CEQA analysis if and when a formal application is submitted following the Prescreening.


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