David Hirsch


David Hirsch.jpg

My decision to become an architect and to attend The Cooper Union in New York and complete a Master’s degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design altered my early career as an architectural photographer. Working and living in New York gave me a broad understanding of this megalopolis’ urban complexities, including its social, political, and physical environment. In my working career, as a principal of several offices I have often been required to present designs to review boards and neighborhood groups. I have always found that the best of these review experiences broadened my understanding of the task and improved the quality of our office’s work. This has led to my conviction that there is a place for an architect to be bold and innovative, but it is equally important to know when to be modest and contextual. Recognizing the importance of these two approaches will be my guide as a member of the ARB to ensure that Palo Alto benefits from a high standard of design and a qualitative improvement to the built environment.