Alexander Lew


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Alex grew up in Palo Alto and attended Crescent Park, Jordan, and Paly.  He graduated from Washington University with Bachelor of Arts and Columbia University with a Master of Architecture.  Alex studied with the late Professor Klaus Herdeg, a critic of the diagrammatic way modern buildings were designed in the United States. Alex worked on an unpublished book on European modern architecture in the concession zones of Chinese cities.

After architecture school, Alex did drafting for David Neuman, Stanford University’s Architect and Planning Director.  Alex learned about the Palo Alto’s ARB, Site and Design, and PC processes while working on several projects for Tony Carrasco in Palo Alto.  He became an associate for Dan Solomon, one of the founders of the Congress of New Urbanism. Alex’s projects included 320-340sf studio apartments for graduate students in Stanford University’s Escondido Village and Holly Park Phase 3, a redevelopment of former low income housing in Seattle into a mixed use, mixed income, transit village as part of HUD’s HOPE VI program. Holly Park won 3 design awards.  Alex is currently designing houses and writing a book on great streets.