Palo Alto Caltrain Station

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About The Palo Alto Caltrain Station

The Palo Alto Station is the main transit center in Palo Alto that connects commuters to Caltrain and VTA buses. The station building is located near Downtown Palo Alto, with easy access to the Business District and Stanford University.

Parking Costs

3-Hours or Less Parking

Free. No permit required.

All Day Visitor Parking

Visitors may purchase a one-day permit. All day permits may be purchased on the 1st Level of Civic Center at Revenue Collections, or the 1st Level of either the Bryant /Lytton garage or the Cowper/Webster garage. The cost is $17.50/day for downtown area.

For more information, please visit our All Day Visitor Parking Permits page.

Transferable Permits

Transferable permits are sold to one individual and can be used on multiple vehicles. Transferable permits are sold at a two-quarter maximum. Visit Revenue Collections on the Ground Floor of the Palo Alto Civic Center or call (650) 329-2252 for more information.