Museum of American Heritage

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About The Museum of American Heritage

The Museum of American Heritage is dedicated to preserving the history of American innovation and technology. Located in the old Williams House, the MOAH Museum collects and exhibits electrical and mechanical devices from over the last two centuries. Permanent exhibits, as well as two major, temporary exhibits and smaller rotating concurrent exhibits are displayed annually. Special exhibits typically include related lectures, classes, workshops, and events. Also located at the Museum is the MOAH Victory Garden–a replica of a 1943 “victory garden” that civilians grew during WWI and WWII to boost morale.

Parking Costs

3-Hours or Less Parking

Free. No permit required.

All Day Visitor Parking

Visitors may purchase a one-day permit. All day permits may be purchased on the 1st Level of Civic Center at Revenue Collections, or the 1st Level of either the Bryant /Lytton garage or the Cowper/Webster garage. The cost is $17.50/day for downtown area.

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Downtown Color Zone Parking

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