Delivering Value

Maintaining the City’s Information Technology portfolio is exciting and challenging work. Our department provides support to over 1,000 employees, linking them to a vast array of people and services throughout the City and beyond. You might not see us every day, but we are working behind the scenes, driving and maintaining the technology that runs our digital City 24/7. The Information Technology Department delivers value by promoting our core themes:

  • Provide a range of technology solutions to serve employees, departments, and the community.
  • Support and improve the technology infrastructure that enables the day-to-day operations of the City.
  • Maintain an exciting workplace that inspires high-performance and provides career growth opportunities.

IT Projects

Completed Projects

Here are some highlights of our projects completed over the last fiscal year.

  • 1900 Embarcadero - Networking - Networking for new office suites at 1900 Embarcadero Road.
  • ADA Transition Plan Progress Tracking - BlueDAG is a cloud-hosted software system for end-to-end management of ADA evaluation and compliance initiatives. 
  • A Level UPS Replacement - Replace the current A Level UPS with a newer, supported UPS.
  • Hypervisor Storage Replacement - Replace the existing hypervisor storage.
  • Junior Museum and Zoo (JMZ) Subsite - Open Cities - JMZ will open their new facility and they will need a website to showcase their facility and features. 
  • Project Folder Assessment - The goal of this project was to recommend the best way for project managers to store their documents and project files
  • TeamDynamix PPM Implementation - Implement a minimum viable installation of the TeamDynamix PPM tool.
  • Visitor Management System Implementation - For reasons of Covid-19, IT implemented a visitor management system at all in-scope City facilities.
  • Windows 10 / Office 365 Training - Phase 3 - The City of Palo Alto established a 4-year refresh cycle for City-issued laptops, desktops and workstations. Beginning with the FY2020 refresh, IT rolled out Windows 10 and the new desktop applications from Office 365.

In-Progress Projects

The Information Technology Department has a number of exciting projects currently in progress.

  • Enterprise Wireless Upgrade - Replace wireless endpoints citywide.
  • ERP Enhancement Phase 2 - Implement high priority functionality changes based on functional assessment findings being performed during the Phase I of the project. 
  • Fiber and AMI Expansion - Phases 2 & 4 - The City of Palo Alto (City) is beginning a multi-phase fiber optic network expansion plan.
  • Fiber Management System Implementation - Implementation of an ESRI-based Fiber Management System (FMS) that can be used to manage, track, and view data for the fiber network.
  • Hypervisor Network and Compute Replacement - Replace the existing hypervisor networking and computers.
  • IT Risk Management Framework Implementation - Produce an RFP for audit response services to comply with Baker Tilly IT audit report.
  • Website Accessibility Audit - The city has a contract with an ADA vendor to conduct an audit which includes the website. 


Future Projects

The following is a list of a few technology projects in the IT queue.

  • Intranet Implementation & Content Migration - This project will include the platform implementation and content migration from the old intranet platform to a newly selected platform.
  • Laptop Computer Backup Assessment - Assess laptop backup software to replace existing laptop backup software.
  • Library Computer Refresh - Phase 2 - This project executes the deployment of newly imaged computers to each library location as part of the refresh cycle and completes the deployment of the remaining computers not refreshed during the Phase 1 project.
  • Update IT Job Classifications / Descriptions - Update the IT job classifications to reflect current organizational structure and departmental needs.