Applying for a Job at the City


  • Opt to receive text message alerts when creating your Governmentjobs portal for prompt application status updates. 
  • Complete an application thoroughly and respond to all questions.  

Candidate Experience

Step 1.Apply for a Career Opportunity

All career opportunities are posted on the City’s Career Opportunities page. To apply, select the job title and click on the Apply button on the upper right-hand corner. Be mindful of deadlines. Continuous postings may close at any time so we encourage you to apply promptly. Review of all submitted applications will take place after the job announcement closes and can take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the number of applications received. We reserve the right to close any recruitment at any time without notice.

Step 2.All Applications Will be Reviewed

Job application review may involve a two-level application review process depending on the number of applications received. The first level is to review all applications for minimum qualifications. The second level focuses on ideal qualifications. Top candidates from the application review process will be advanced to the next step of the selection process.

Step 3.Vetting Process by Industry Experts

Based on the number of applications, quality of the candidate pool and job requirements, the selection process may include virtual recorded interview screening, supplemental questionnaires, work samples and assessments. Top candidates from these steps will be invited to a structured interview. Structured interviews will be conducted and evaluated by a panel of three to four subject matter experts. Top scoring candidates will be invited to a final interview.

Step 4.Meet With the Hiring Manager

Final interviews will be conducted by the hiring manager. This is an opportunity for candidates to confirm if the position is a good fit for them and obtain more information regarding the specific work group’s culture, work environment and expectations. The final candidate will be asked to provide or confirm professional references’ contact information prior to receiving a job offer.

Step 5.Job Offer

If selected for the position, you will receive a conditional job offer that will include a salary offer, anticipated start date, benefits package information, pre-employment conditions and other job specific information. If any one of the pre-employment conditions is not successfully satisfied, the City reserves the right to rescind the job offer. 

Step 6.Welcome to the City!

Once all pre-employment conditions are successfully met, a final offer will be sent confirming employment with the City. An HR representative will guide you through the pre-boarding steps and connect you with your supervisor to discuss and prepare you for the first day.   





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For job application status, login to your government jobs account to find out what step of the process you are on. Review of all submitted applications will take place after the job announcement closes and can take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the number of applications received. You will receive email and/or text message status updates throughout the process. Also, you may reference the recruitment process as outlined above. To contact the recruitment team, send an email to


No. It is important that your application displays all of your experience and education. You can attach your resume but you must also complete all sections of the application, especially the work and education fields. Incomplete applications may be rejected. 


Each position has a different recruitment timeline. Certain positions close on the date listed while others stay open until the hiring manager and recruiter have determined that there are enough qualified candidates. We encourage you to apply promptly. Also, certain recruitments may be limited to a specific number of applicants. Please review the job posting thoroughly for important information regarding deadlines. We reserve the right to close any recruitment at any time without notice.


Initially, applications are reviewed relative to the minimum qualifications as well as knowledge, skills and abilities. After determining the most qualified candidates, interviews and possible skills assessments are conducted. The recruitment process is determined by the job requirements of each position and whether the position is part-time, union or management. 


 Persons with disabilities who require special accommodations to participate in the recruitment process may contact the recruiter at  


No, all applications need to be submitted online through the City’s Career Opportunities page.