The City of Palo Alto want you to experience the benefits of a smarter commute.  We offer a collection of commuter benefits to fit the needs of each commuter. Whether you walk, bike, take transit or carpool, there is a benefit for all. There are benefits that allow you to deduct monies pre-tax, match expenses in many cases and even receive fully subsidized transit in some cases. We also provide personalized commute counseling to help you make the best trip plans possible. Our goal is to help our employees have a better life balance through providing commute benefits that shorten your commute time, reduces your expenses and makes Palo Alto a great place to work.

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What types of commuter benefits are available?

Below are the list of commuter benefits:
  • Bike
  • Vanpool and Ridesharing
  • Transit
  • Carpooling
  • Parking
  • CalTrain GO Pass

How do I enroll in commuter benefits?

Tax Free Commuter Benefits
  • To sign up for transit, bike, and vanpool commuter benefits please visit Navia (Click HERE) website and get started. Changes to orders must be done by 1pm on the 20th of the month prior to the month interested in updating

Taxable Commuter Benefits
  • To sign up for carpool commuter benefit, please Click HERE to complete the registration form
  • Monthly log submissions are required from the employee. Logs are due on or before the 20th of each month for the prior month. Please Click HERE to access the monthly Log
  • Bike benefit enrollment is done through the Navia website (Click HERE)

Caltrain GO Pass
To get a Caltrain GO Pass, please follow the steps below:
  1. Finish the Caltrain survey by clicking HERE.
  2. Once the survey is completed, please stop by HR with your City badge to receive your GO Pass.
If you have further questions about enrolling in commuter benefits, please email or Rob at

Benefit Guides

To Learn more commuter benefits, please use the links below

Am I eligible?

All benefited employees are eligible for commuter benefits.

Currently, only downtown location employees: City Hall, Development Center, and Downtown Library, are eligible for the Caltrain GO Pass

What is the monthly benefit amount?

Tax Free Commuter Benefits
  • 25% subsidy provided by the City and 75% paid via pre-tax payroll deductions up to the monthly transit cost limit defined by IRS, currently $260/month.
Taxable Commuter Benefits
  • Per the IRS, the benefit must be paid via taxable additions to monthly salary, currently $30/month for carpoolers & $20/month for walkers
  • Bike benefit is $20 per month
Caltrain GO Pass
  • Available at no cost to employee working in the downtown location (Downtown Library, City Hall, and Development Center)