Retirement can be one of the best stages of your life! The City of Palo Alto offers great retirement benefits to ensure you are covered during this stage of your life. Our retirement plan, administered by CalPERS, calculates your retirement benefit based on a specific formula. The formula is based on number of years of service, your age, and total compensation. Your formula will defer based on the date you were hired and the group you are part of. The resources below provide more information about Pension benefit.

Learn more about CalPERS Pension Benefit

How do I access my account?

You can review your contributions to your pension, years of service and much more by creating a CalPERS account.
Please Click HERE to create a myCalPERS account to view this information.

Benefit Guide & Enrollment/Change Forms

You are automatically enrolled into CalPERS Pension. You don't need to fill out any additional forms.

To Learn more about the CalPERS Pension, please refer to the link below:

To update your CalPERS Beneficiary, please use the link below

Deductions per pay period

Deduction for pension benefit vary based on your personnel area and formula. Please review your MOA (Click HERE) to determine your per pay period deduction

When does my coverage start?

You are enrolled into CalPERS Pension plan on your first day of employment