Become a Block Preparedness Coordinator (BPC)


Our BPC training is offered quarterly, and includes Neighborhood Watch training. Open to the public, our training teaches about the partnership between community and city, and how BPCs establish communications links to "blocks" (residences and businesses), promoting a resilient community and self-sufficiency.

Step 1.Start with our online training videos: 

Begin with our BPC training video. Next, watch our FRS Radio 101 Series, which includes Using Your Radio, Radio Basics, and Damage Assessment Forms training. 

Step 2.Now you can take our quiz:

Once you've viewed our online training videos, you're ready to take our quiz!

Take our quiz

Step 3.You've watched our videos, passed the quiz,  - it's time to register:

Fill out the form with Veoci (our online database software), and select "Submit".

Fill out the form

Our ESV Program Administrator will process your application. Once it's processed, our ESV Administrator will contact you for more information (including requesting a picture for your badge) to assist with any other training you may wish to have. We run trainings throughout the year, so no matter when you sign up, there will be training available for you.  

Step 4.Attend an upcoming training session: 

Register to attend one of our BPC training classes to learn more about the BPC job from our program leaders.