Unapproachable Landscape No.1

Unapproachable Landscape NO1_Yishu Wang.jpeg

Unapproachable Landscape No. 1 is a hand-pulled screen print from a series of works Yishu Wang worked on during her residence at Cubberley Artist Studio Program (CASP).  Featuring ten layers of colors and shapes, this artwork represents the artist's recent experience of moving from San Francisco to Silicon Valley which required daily car commutes. Observing changing landscape reflected in the cars inspired the artist to examine how contemporary lifestyles profoundly change our attitude and perception towards the surrounding environment and nature. 

Yishu Wang is a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work examines the geographic surrounding where she lives. Wang’s work expressively uses line and color to explore the boundary between representation and abstraction. Inspired by the flexibility and plasticity of paper, Wang mainly utilizes printmaking, book art and installation to incorporate storytelling and sequencing to each body of work. Her works are included in numerous public and private collections in China and the United States.